Unique handmade felts

Made of australian merino wool and silk

Curiosities about felt

The science of felting dates back thousands of years. Its homeland is Central Asia, whose peoples still make it the same as they did then. Although the technique of felting changed in detail, the principle remained the same.

This material is nothing more than shearing, cleaning, carding, post-dyeing and kneading 100% sheep wool into a separate textile, using water.

It is interesting that works of any spatial shape can be made without a single cut or stitch. It also accommodates other textiles, thus giving special surfaces, textures, shapes.

It is very versatile, almost unbreakable, strong material, yet it can be soft, fluffy, easy to fall. Home textiles can be made from it just like jewelry, clothes, costumes or tents.

It does not soak for a very long time, it has a water-repellent effect. It can be washed, ironed, shaped, cut, sewn, not shredded. Because it keeps the body temperature inside, it keeps heat in winter and cool in summer.




Scarf making

Időpont: 2020.Október.3. 10-14h

Helyszín: Fővárosi Művelődési Ház, XI.Budapest, Fehérvári út 47.

Részvételi díj: 13.000.-

Jelentkezés: e-mailen / telefonon -  bottanemez@gmail.com / 06.30.658.3776


Little black 2020 fashion show

Időpont: 2020.Augusztus 20. 18:15h

Helyszín: Hagyományok Háza, Bp. Corvin tér 


The flower in Hungarian art through the eyes of craftsmen Date: July 25-August 19, 10-17h,


Feast of Crafts Date: Aug 20-22, 2021.

Castle Garden Bazaar Advent2021/Art Bazaar Date:Nov.28, Dec.5, 2021

Fiksz Applied Art Salon,Károlyi Palace/Independent Applied Arts Exhibition and Fair Date: Dec.11-12, 2021