I mostly discovered the decoration techniques of the objects myself, watching the professional books published on the topic. I saw more and more forms and machining possibilities in the material, and this made it possible for me to implement individual techniques. First I used twisted yarn embellishments, then from one year to the next I started using leather appliqué embellishments (2000), woven hem embellishments (2002), use of silk and gauze (2009), use of viscose, muslin, tulle (2017), lace in (2019).

In the first years of my work, I made more folk art objects, and then I gradually turned to applied arts, to realize my individual ideas. I mainly deal with the production of clothing, the design and construction of modern styles used today, on which I display the folk art and pattern in the form of decorations and patterns, elements of ancient motifs, thus inheriting them.

At the end of the summer 1996, I started participating in craft fairs, events and festivals with colorful programs and demonstrations, with my own designed and made products, first in Hungary and later in several European countries.

In 2002, I received the Young Master of Folk Art Award.

I am a member of the craft department of PMKIK.

I became a member of the Artchaika Ancient Art Association and the Association of Folk Art Associations.

I have been judging some of my felt objects by the Lectorate of Fine and Applied Arts since 2004.

Since 2006 I have been teaching in houses of culture, creative houses, associations, summer camps.

Exhibitions - Fairs:
1999 - Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Crafts of the Year, group exhibition
2000. - Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Masterpieces of the turn of the millennium, group exhibition
2001 - Matrica Museum, Szombathely, Traveling exhibition of craftsmen of the Zsámbék Basin with IHAROS Folk Art Association, group exhibition
2001 - House of Hungarians, Bartók Hall, Budapest, solo exhibition
2002.08.16 - 09.16 - Exhibition of the winners in the Exhibition Hall of the Folk Applied Arts Secretariat of the Hungarian Cultural Institute
2004.03.29-04.02 - Dunakeszi Primary School, solo exhibition .
2004.05.06-17 - Budapest Cultural Center, group folk art exhibition .
2004.07.17-09.18 - Museum of Applied Arts, Kecskemét, Felt Art World Meeting, group exhibition .
2004.07.23-08.01 - Valley of Arts, Monostorapáti, solo exhibition
2004.09.05-13 - Mária Radóczy Gallery, Budapest, group exhibition
2004.11.05-12.31 - NIT exhibition hall, Budapest, group exhibition with IHAROS Folk Art Association .

2004.07. - Monostorapáti - Valley of Arts, solo exhibition

2005.05.27-07.27 - Museum of Applied Arts, 14th National Folk Art Exhibition
2005.06.11-07.11 - Zsámbék Cultural House, group exhibition with IHAROS Folk Art Association

2006.dec.-2010.dec. - Milan - International Craft Exhibition and Fair

2006.dec.- 2012.dec. - Christmas Exhibition and Fair Budapest-Vörösmarty tér, Košice, Bratislava, Brno, Krakow, Vienna, Aosta,

2020.08.20. - House of Traditions -Little Black 2020 - Fashion Show

Botta Mónika

feltmaker, craftsman

Young Master of Folk Art

Felt is a special, traditional material